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Cissy springt door het bosThe Veluwe is 1 of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. This richly forested area in Gelderland offers a true nature experience full of peace, greenery and wonder. With charming villages, beautiful valleys and beautiful natural phenomena, a visit to the Veluwe is an unforgettable experience.

Want to discover nature from 1 of the vacation parks in the Veluwe? We have listed 10 fun ways for you to discover the Veluwe.


Dusty sand areas and lush forest.

In the Veluwe you will be overwhelmed by beautiful nature, a high moraine, a shifting sand area, lush forests and vast estates. This is an ideal place for the whole family to live with and in nature. Horseback riding, cycling and hiking are among the options for experiencing all that beauty. Discover 10 fun ways to discover the Veluwe nature.

1. Experience National Park De Veluwezoom

The Veluwezoom in Rheden is a National Park and a deserved natural monument. This is a wonderful place for cycling, mountain biking, walking, just sitting to enjoy the nature or explore this area on horseback. Here are several excursions possible the mammal discovery tour. The Veluwezoom is an area with many forests, heaths and sand drifts. There are also stately estates to be found that are neatly kept. The Posbank is a high mountain where you can see up to 20 km far. National Park Veluwezoom is a salubrious place with dazzling nature.

2. Crown domain Het Loo

At the height of Apeldoorn is Kroondomein Het Loo to find. This is the largest estate in the Netherlands. This former summer residence is very impressive, with its Palace Park and Palace Garden. Sleds, stables and gardens of the royal family can be seen here. Here you can enjoy cycling or walking in the Woodland.

3. The Castles Route

There are many country houses and castles to be found on the Veluwe. Get acquainted with the art and lifestyle of yesteryear. Oldenaller Estate, Middachten Castle and Vanenburg Castle are beautiful castles that are located in the woods. Kasteel Cannenburch, for example, is a castle in a historic setting with an old park forest. Cycling along the meadows you can also visit Doorwerth Castle. This castle is already more than 7 centuries old. Furniture, porcelain and much more can be seen in Rosendael Castle. All these castles are in a very beautiful natural setting.

4. De Koperen Ezel petting zoo

While adults are completely pampered in one of the many wellness facilities that the Veluwe has to offer, the children will have fun at the Koperen Ezel. This is a petting zoo with donkeys, guinea pigs, turtles, kangaroos and much more. You can also climb there, jump on bouncy castles, dive into the ball pit and go-karting on the track. You can also feed calves, take a covered wagon ride through the area and join a nature picnic.

5. Pay a visit to Otterlo

One of the three entrances to the Hoge Veluwe National Park is in Otterlo. This town has numerous attractions. The famous Kröller-Müller museum is located here. Wonderful modern art can be found here, with the sculpture garden overwhelming. Works by Vincent van Gogh can also be viewed here. In Otterlo there is also the Sint Hubertus Hunting Lodge. This is a house by the famous architect Berlage, an important monument of the Netherlands. Otterlo also has the tile museum, the Red Cross monument and at the Zanding is a recreational lake. At this lake you can relax in good weather. To your heart’s content playing and enjoying the water fun. It is also possible to take a covered wagon ride across the Veluwe.

Brian, Berber, Cissy en papa in het bos

6. On safari with the forest ranger

Countries like South Africa and Brazil may be known as countries with the big 5, but the Veluwe does not fall short of that. The big 5 can also be spotted in the Veluwe. Perhaps not as large as in Africa, but no less impressive. Together with the forester there is a track to follow that leads to the sighting of the big 5: the beaver, the roe, the wild boar, the red deer and the seal. The seal is truly unique, as there is only 1 seal floating around in the Veluwemeer. The ranger explains how the animal lives and how you recognize its tracks. On this safari you can go to places where visitors are not normally allowed. In between all the activity a short stop with some nice food is necessary. This half-day program is an unforgettable experience. A wildlife passport is available from the ranger afterwards.

7. Fun for children: The Kabouterpad

The Veluwe is also known for its gnomes. Many of them live in the area, or at least that is what many people think, because gnome tracks can be found everywhere. They are small footprints in the sand, wheel tracks that could be from small wheelbarrows and crushed grass where a gnome may have taken an afternoon nap. Gnomes live in a tree or in holes in the ground. They are very friendly, industrious and helpful. They are also busy all day long. When you put on the gnome path, you will see what. Near visitors center Nunspeet is the kabouterpad to follow, the route poles. With assignments, bead necklaces and games, this path is a very special experience on the Veluwe.

8. The full moon walk

To gain a truly unique experience, it is possible to take a real full moon walk on the Veluwe. In the silence of the night there are still all kinds of sounds to be heard. It seems as if many animals wake up. A knowledgeable guide leads groups through the moors and forests. As the full moon rises in the sky, a mystical atmosphere is created on the land. There is so much to discover in the dark. It is an adventurous journey through greenery that is exciting for young and old.

9. Take a wildlife safari through the most beautiful places

The Veluwe has a number of wildlife observation sites. Skilled nature educators offer excursions and workshops in order to observe game in a targeted way. The whole family is involved in a playful manner in the wildlife hunt. This is a nature excursion that takes in the most beautiful spots on the Veluwe in search of a wild boar, red deer or hawk. With the exciting and adventurous wanderings over small paths and wild wooded areas, everyone remains very alert for suspicious sounds or rapid movements. Rooting tracks or sweeping trees of badgers or roebucks can be discovered.

10. Take a bird-watching walk in the Speulderbos

A nature reserve like the Veluwe is very attractive for birds. Very special varieties are therefore to be seen here. However, there is a special bird that calls this place home. That is the tawny owl. In the Speulderbos there are many tawny owls. The animals show themselves especially in the evening. Those who listen carefully can hear where the tawny owl is sitting. Through dancing trees and the fairytale-like forest, two eyes of the mysterious animal suddenly look at you.

Want to discover even more Veluwe Nature?

Would you like to discover even more Veluwe nature? Then take a look at the Forestry Commission. Here you will find many more great tips and backgrounds, so you can learn more about the richness of this beautiful part of the Netherlands.

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