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The third lockdown related to the corona virus is coming up. Suddenly being inside all together can be quite a challenge. Do you sometimes find yourself at a loss as to what to do with the children or are they breaking down the tent out of boredom? We give you some great tips for activities you can do with the kids during the Christmas vacations and/or lockdown.

Indoor activities for kids during the lockdown

  1. Wrap up all of your kids’ favorite reading books nicely and have them open one each night to read aloud at bedtime.
  2. Hold a movie marathon with lots of pillows and blankets: each child gets to pick their favorite movie.
  3. Set up a shuffleboard or foosball table and organize a championship.
  4. Play a computer game together that you can play with several people, a racing game or Mario Party with its minigames.
  5. Have the children dress up their cuddly toys and dolls in an extra festive way
    Can’t the children go to grandpa and grandma’s for a while because of corona?
  6. have your kids write a nice letter or draw a picture. Who knows, they might get one back soon! They can also do this for friends who live nearby.
  7. Come up with your own charity: what can you easily do to make someone in the neighborhood very happy with something you can make or do? For example, make a small Christmas gift for the neighbor who lives alone or a nice Christmas card.
  8. Tidy up the room and redecorate
    Let your kids build a tent under a desk or table, where they can eat too!
  9. Many museums have parts of their collections online, find something beautiful and let your kids recreate it!
  10. Puzzling and playing games is always fun!
  11. Have everyone make and decorate their own rocket or airplane and organize a competition. Which one flies the furthest and which one gets the prize for the most beautiful plane?
  12. Do you have a whole box of drawings and crafts lying around? Take pictures of them and create a photo book with your child of all the beautiful things he has made. Win-win situation because your child has a book that he can show to everyone and you are rid of all the old paper and have some space in the closet.
45 dingen met de kinderen in lockdown
Lockdown kerst

Outdoor activities for kids during a lockdown

  1. Go to the woods and collect beautiful branches, leaves and chestnuts that you can craft with. Turn chestnuts and skewers into animals to play with
  2. Want to give your kids a good run for their money. Then play the cat and mouse game with them. Put a cloth on the back of the pants of the one who is the mouse and run.
  3. Play curbside with your kids
  4. When it gets dark, go for a walk around the neighborhood and let your kids spot the most beautiful lights and Christmas trees.
  5. Get the garden ready for winter with kids: rake everything together, collect the prettiest leaves and put the rest in the wheelie bin or in a garbage bag.
  6. If there is snow, go outside and make a snowman, go sledding or have a snowball fight. No snow? You can also do this with fake snow.
  7. Go play soccer or hide-and-seek.
  8. Another fun outdoor activity with the kids is to take a walk on the beach. The coast and sea are beautiful even in winter, and afterwards of course you go for a warm drink.

Get creative during the lockdown

  1. Make lanterns from cardboard and decorate them with your own creations.
  2. Make your own wrapping paper and decorate it with stamps, stickers and markers.
  3. Craft finger puppets or sock puppets (e.g., a Santa Claus, snowman or reindeer) and have children put on a show.
  4. Build a Santa Claus out of LEGO blocks.
    Let your child create his or her own country with a board or tray. Decorate the land with trees, plants, stones, paper, dolls, animals and so on.
  5. Bake Christmas cookies in the shape of Santa Claus, snowman or other figures.
  6. Make decorations for the Christmas tree: tinker with glitter, cardboard or paper and make snowmen, a sleigh, Christmas balls or a peak for the tree.
  7. Make Christmas cards with stamps – even the smallest children can stamp.
  8. Make a house out of speculoos and decorate it with candy canes.
  9. Make a photo Christmas card with the family – make a pretty one and a crazy one!
  10. Let the children think up their own Christmas story and write it out, act it out or tell it
  11. Turn a cardboard box into a house for all the Lego or Playmobile dolls or cuddly toys
  12. Organize an extra special Christmas breakfast where everyone can help make, serve and set the table.
  13. Play and craft for New Year’s Eve during a lockdown
  14. Hide a treasure chest with goodies and a small gift. Give clues and let the children find the treasure.
  15. Blow up balloons and decorate the living room.
  16. Fill plastic eggs with confetti, which you can crack open together at midnight.
  17. Make party hats out of paper and ribbon.
  18. Make an annual calendar for next year
  19. Organize a pajama party for New Year’s Eve.
  20. Practice counting down from 10 (or 100) back to 1!
  21. Play soccer inside with balloons.
  22. Make your own fireworks with, for example, black paper and chalk
  23. Find the photos you took last year and make a year in review
  24. Hide an alarm clock and let your kids find it before it goes off.

Or watch the various videos of the Romijn family in the near future.

We wish you all the best for the coming month(s). Stay safe.

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