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Yesterday Brian finally got to go to the children’s hairdresser, and how nervous he was. He never likes messing around with his hair but this time we noticed a very nervous Brian.

Now you may be asking yourself why Brian doesn’t like going to the hairdresser. All children have a slight aversion to going to the hairdresser but with Brian it is extra difficult. This is because he has been burned over his head and face in the past. While making tea, in a very quick moment he pulled the cup of hot tea over himself. This resulted in a lot of logical crying and very quick trips to the hospital to get it treated.

Anyway, that’s the reason Brian doesn’t like anything that happens around his head. But he did it again yesterday and went to the OnlyKids Hairdresser in the Badhuisstraat in Scheveningen and was made all fit again. After this he was allowed to sleep at Grandma’s and at the time of writing he is still there. And who knows, maybe Brian will spend another night at grandma’s because tomorrow dad and grandma are going to look at the store in Naaldwijk for a new scooter.

So Berber is home alone enjoying all the attention she gets. Mom and dad let her do anything. On the tablet, watching a movie, playing with her dolls. And you can see that Berber is enjoying it. And do you know what? Soon we will even go to the forest together. Berber is really looking forward to it because she wants to look for acorns and chestnuts!

Coming back to the scooter we want to buy from Naaldwijk Scooters. That will be a new generation electric scooter. The Piaggio 1, in the color green. Dad actually wanted blue but Brian insists that we take a forest mix color. So what Brian wants is going to happen :). If you want to know how it will go tomorrow, check out our daily vlog on our Youtube channel or on the video page of our website.

We are going to put on our boots and go for a nice long walk in the forest. Cissy stays at home because she pulls at the leash when we take her for a walk and unfortunately she is not allowed to run free. Have a nice Sunday all!

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