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Discovering and smelling spring

Grandpa and Brian are sitting outside on a bench in the garden. They have no coats on. The sun is nice and warm. The cat is scurrying through the newly emerged green grass.
‘I smell spring,’ says Grandpa.
‘You can’t smell that at all Grandpa,’ says Brian.
‘Yes I can. Everything smells nice and fresh in the spring. The grass, the flowers, the new leaves on the trees.
Brian jumps off the couch and smells the crocuses. Then he smells the grass.
‘It does smell nice grandpa’.
‘Look, the birdhouse is being used again too,’ says Grandpa. A sparrow comes flying with a twig in its beak.
The sparrow is making a nest. Soon we will all have little birds in the garden,’ says Grandpa. Brian jumps back and forth with joy. How fun spring is.
‘You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to take a bike ride along the meadows. You can ride on the back and then you can see and smell the spring,’ says Grandpa.
‘Yesa, I want to go,’ Brian shouts excitedly.

Brian sits on the back of Grandpa’s bike. Grandpa rides his bike along a path through the meadow. Brian looks to the left and then again to the right. There is so much to see.
Grandpa points to newborn lambs in the pasture. There are lots of them. They are frolicking and playing warrior with each other. They look cute with their white coats.
Grandpa stops at a ditch and points to a long procession of ducks. They swim obediently after their mother.
‘Look Brian. All little ducklings’. Brian tries to count them.
‘There are nine of them,’ Brian says.
‘You did that well,’ says Grandpa. Brian gloats.
They cycle on again. Grandpa points to a tree full of blossoms.
‘Grandpa, I want to smell that tree,’ Brian says. Grandpa stops just below the tree. He carefully bends a branch over near Brian’s nose. Brian smells and says, “I smell spring. Grandpa smells too and nods.
As they cycle on again, they pass a farm. There is a sign in the yard: ‘Farmhouse cheese for sale!’
‘We’re going to buy some cheese for Grandma,’ Grandpa says and gets off his bike. He puts the bike against a hedge. Brian is lifted out of the bike seat. Together they walk to the farmer’s house. Grandpa rings the bell. The farmer opens the door.
We want to buy cheese,” Grandpa says. The farmer leads them to the cheese factory.
Nice spring weather. Taking a bike ride with the little one?” the farmer asks.
‘My grandson wants to see and smell spring,’ says Grandpa.
The farmer gives Brian a pat on the head.
‘Well then you’ve come to the right place. There are young piglets born. We can go and have a look,” says the farmer. The three of them walk to the barn. A cheerful grunt comes to meet them.
Brian sees at least five pink piglets scurrying in the straw. The mother is stretched out. Every now and then a piglet drinks something from her. The farmer picks up a piglet and hands it to Brian. Brian finds it a little scary. The piglet struggles and wants to go back to its mother. Brian smells the piglet.
‘He doesn’t smell like spring. He stinks,’ Brian says.
‘We’ll put him back with his mother,’ says the farmer.

The three of them walk back to the house. The farmer goes ahead of them to the cheese factory. There are all round cheeses on a shelf. The farmer picks up a cheese.
‘That one is very nice,’ says the farmer and cuts off a chunk of cheese. Grandpa and Brian get to taste it. Grandpa likes it and buys as much as a kilo of cheese.
‘I’m eating spring,’ Brian says.
‘Well, this is not a young cheese. This cheese is at least a year old,’ says the farmer.
‘We’re going home again,’ says Grandpa and gives the farmer a firm hand.

Grandpa and Brian put the bike in the barn. It was a nice bike ride. Together they walk in through the garden. Grandma is already waiting for them. There is a wonderful smell of baking in the house.
Brian sits down next to Grandma on the couch.
Brian tells about the lambs, the ducks and the piglets he has seen. And the blossoms he has smelled.
Then you’ll feel like a piece of cake. It smells like spring,’ says Grandma.
No, it can’t, Grandma. It just smells like cake,’ says Brian.

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