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Making a Sinterklaas tree

The weather is getting grayer bit by bit and the stove is burning nicely in the Romijn house. Daddy, mommy and the kids saw something very nice in the Sinterklaas news and we really wanted to have this in our living room.

A Saint tree. But what do you do in a Sinterklaas tree if the supermarket and the drugstore don’t sell those nice hangers, indeed! Then you just make those nice hangers yourself, right?

Dad climbed into the computer and looked up some Sinterklaas images, put them on a simple A4 and printed them out. After this mom was allowed to cut out the pile of printed pictures. She did this with very easy scissors.

Small but precise, the icons were stuck together with Pritt Stick, a really fine pritt pen, so that they became double-sided. After this dad put them in a plastic foil and laminated the pendants and cut the plastic to size all around.

Then it was mom’s turn to put strings on the plastic hangers. After this, we could hang them in the tree and turn on the lights.

This is going to be a wonderful number of winter festivities.

Sinthangers plastificeren


Do you want to make these cool sinterklaas tree decorations yourself? Download the images here and make your own decorations. Sustainable and very fun to do! (Press right mouse button > Save, to save the file.) Sintboomhangers download


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