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Another thing we like to do as a family is get our food from local farmers and entrepreneurs. I love that local food! We often did this by bike, but since mom is less mobile at the moment, we mainly do this by car. Mom plots the route of businesses we can go by and Dad shoots the ball in the goal by expertly maneuvering the car around it. 

One stop we almost always make is at Nepboerin Coriza and Farmer Pait of Eat from Pait. The latter is unfortunately rarely seen around the barn. This man works very hard on the land to fill the barn and with it the store with the most delicious vegetables. Supplemented with other local products, this is often a regular treat for us during our trips.

You have an abundance of local products (from the farmer) in the Westland. For example, a few years ago there was a promotion by the company Tommies Snackgroenten in Honselersdijk. This one was sitting with a surplus of tomatoes. What did daddy do?

He collected those tomatoes in big big shoppers to distribute them among clients of the food bank in The Hague. That way Michel could still do something good for society. And we do that anyway by scoring our food locally at the farmer. The farmer (local entrepreneur) gets a fair price for his goods and the customer pays a fair price, because you know, your potatoes at the supermarket often go 3 to 4 times over the head before they end up in your pan or oven.

Op de fiets voor ons eten

What we also did often but but now go to less often is Sylvia! We haven’t been there for too long. At Santé Holland they sell delicious jams, the famous apple juice in various kinds, spring water and more. A nice, cozy little store on Sylvia’s property. When we went there regularly, the children always found the chickens very interesting. And we always get something nice to eat from Sylvia. It really is an oasis of peace and quiet there, lovely.

But we are (fortunately) not vegans so we also have to get meat. We like to do this at Jacqueline’s who calls herself Farmer in Midden Delfland. There they have delicious beef from their own cows. We like to get the meat package and then often get a delicious bone for Cissy as well. The cows are really in excellent condition and the meat is deliciously tender. Really just a top company for your meat.

I can name so many companies here but these are for us THE companies where you must have been on your quest for your food.

Thanks for reading and until the next one.

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