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Grocery shopping with dad

Sanne goes to the supermarket with Daddy. Daddy carries a big shopping bag.
‘Mommy made a list for us,’ says Daddy.
‘Mommy always lets me drive a cart,’ says Berber.
‘Then you can probably help me,’ says Daddy.
Berber hops at daddy’s hand to the supermarket. Daddy grabs a basket to put the groceries in. Berber grabs a supermarket cart.

Daddy puts a pack of rice, a pack of sugar and a pack of coffee in his basket.
‘Foxy Puss wants cat kibble,’ Berber says. Daddy looks at the list.
‘Yes we need that too,’ says Daddy. Berber knows where the cat food is. Daddy lets her put a bag of kibble in her cart.
‘Now we’re going to checkout this and then we have to go to the bakery,’ says Daddy.
Daddy takes the groceries out of his basket. He puts them by the cash register. Berber takes the bag of cat kibble out of her cart.
‘That’s how you help your dad do the shopping?” the lady behind the counter asks. Berber nods yes. She glows with pride.
Berber and Daddy go to the bakery. Daddy looks at the list again.

‘Please give a whole wheat cut,’ Daddy says to the lady behind the counter.
‘Daddy my mom always lets me have a currant bun,’ Berber says. Daddy asks for another currant bun.
‘Look at this young lady. A fresh currant bun,’ says the lady behind the counter. Daddy pays the bill.
When they are outside again, Daddy sees the neighbor walking. The neighbor is walking her dog. Daddy has a chat with the neighbor. Berber is petting the little white dog. The dog sniffs at Berber’s raisin bag. But then the dog bites into Berber’s raisin ball.
Off with the bad dog,” says Berber. Berber has to cry. The neighbor is angry with her dog.
‘You go and buy a new raisin ball,’ says the neighbor to Berber.
Berber gets fifty cents and goes inside the bakery.

Go on, another currant bun,’ says the lady behind the counter.
The dog has eaten my currant bun,’ says Berber and points outside.
The lady behind the counter gives Berber a currant bun for free.
When Berber is outside again, she gives the fifty cents back to the neighbor. The neighbor doesn’t want it.
That one is for your piggy bank,’ says the neighbor. Daddy and Berber thank the neighbor and walk home.
‘That little dog is a weird currant,’ says Daddy.

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