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Berber and Brian made a lantern in school class. It is a paper pumpkin with a candle inside. Tonight is Halloween and they get to walk in the parade. The teacher, Berber’s and Brian’s mom and dad and a lot of other kids are also walking along. The teacher told them that Halloween is celebrated on October 31 and that it comes from America. The children dress up as ghosts and witches and go trick-or-treating with lanterns. They get candy.

Finally, it is Halloween night. Berber and Brian line up at the school for the parade. Berber has dressed up as a witch. She has a black pointy hat on and a purple cape on. Brian is a ghost and has a white sheet pulled over him. They have the lantern in their hands. The candles of the lanterns are lit. Berber’s and Brian’s mom and dad are standing behind them. Everyone is excited. The children are shouting through each other.
‘When do we go now?” asks Berber impatiently.
‘Just a little more patience. That lady with the witch costume will say when we are going,’ says Berber’s mother. Finally there they go. It is a funny sight all those dressed up children with their lanterns through the streets. People peek through the windows and wave at the children. A few boys along the side shout, “You creeps!
The parade heads to the village square. There is a stall with hot chocolate, candies in the shape of ghosts, lollipops, too much to mention. In the trees hang lanterns with lights. Flags have been hung up. The children stand in the middle of the square and stare their eyes out. There are witches and ghosts dancing among the children. They sing a song:

‘Tonight is Halloween,
Count to ten.
Then we come and ghost for a while,
We have smelled children.
And yell boo very loud,
Run quickly to your mothers.

You are not real, you are dressed up’, shout Berber and Brian. A ghost comes up to Berber and Brian and shouts very loudly: ‘Boo!’ Berber is startled and crawls away behind her mother. Brian is not afraid at all and also shouts ‘booee’. The ghost dances around Brian and waves his hands. Brian pulls at the ghost’s white sheet. The sheet slides off the ghost. Brian looks very surprised and yells, “It’s the teacher! Berber sees it too.
‘It’s the teacher, it’s the teacher!” shouts Berber. More children come to look. Fortunately the teacher can laugh about it and says: ‘I am glad that I am a normal teacher again and not a ghost. Come, let’s get lemonade and sweets,’ she says to the children.
‘Yaa!” they all shout and run to the stall. Brian’s mother smiles at the teacher and says, ‘That Brian can be very naughty’.
‘Yes, he’s a big rascal,’ says this one. Music sounds from the loudspeaker. The dressed up witches and ghosts dance in the square for quite a while. The candles of the lanterns have long gone out. The children want to party all night long. But the leaders think it’s enough. Tomorrow the children have to be back at school on time.
The Halloween parade is over. It was very nice. But everyone has to go home now’, one of the teachers shouts. Berber and Brian shake hands with their mom and dad. The four of them dance home.

Halloween pompoen
halloween huis

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