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In Orvelte in Drenthe lies the monumental village of Orvelte. A beautiful village which shows an old face of the Netherlands and where just work is still done daily. We went from the parking lot into the village and saw a beautiful place with old houses.

We walked along a long path and ended up in the central part of the village. Here we found a bee museum, the first pancake store in the Netherlands and many other stores. We first went to take a look at the bee museum. Interesting information about keeping bees and making honey was taken in and we got hungry from the sticky honeycombs that were there.

On to the first pancake store in the Netherlands. Fresh pancakes were being prepared and here we got a pack of pancake flour and a whisk. Otherwise, unfortunately, we wouldn’t have been able to whip the batter. On for an ice cream, and we already saw a sign in the distance of the farmhouse ice cream from the area here so hop, hop on! When we arrived at the farm store, we marveled at the many products that this region has to offer. What a wonderful smell it was here of spices, dried sausage, cheese and other delicious smells. Through it all, the smell of the wooden farmhouse entered our nostrils. Delicious!

Monumental village Orvelte is highly recommended for every age group.

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