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During our vacation at RCN de Noordster we went looking for a fun day out in the area. We quickly ended up at the Hunebeddencentrum in Drenthe. We drove the approximately 30 kilometers to the park and looked for a parking spot near the entrance. We quickly found one and were able to enter.

At the entrance we were kindly greeted and could have our entrance tickets scanned. That’s how it goes in times of Corona. We were allowed to walk through and came into a large hall where every few minutes a loud thump was heard. As if the earth was shifting. We could not place where the sound was coming from and continued walking through the large hall. Berber was totally impressed by an animatronic sitting crying by a dolmen. Once further we discovered a staircase and saw where the sound was coming from. A real-life game. We didn’t know how fast we could leave the sound behind and went out through the doors.

Outside is a large piece of land set up as an educational center concerning dolmens. You walk through some buildings and past antiquities that have been rebuilt at this location. You can also enjoy the wonderful nature that grows on this piece of land. We walked around for about an hour and a half and looked at everything that is going on here, after which we decided to have a look at the largest hunebed in the Netherlands. And what a display it is! A colossal hunebed somewhere near the museum. Wonderful.

The hunebeds center gets an 8 from us as a rating for how much fun this center is for a family with children.

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