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The Archeon in Alphen aan de Rijn, a typical place on the edge of a residential area. As soon as you enter the parking lot, you already breathe in a bit of the Middle Ages. Once we got out, we walked to the entrance. We paid the entrance tickets and left through a door into the theme park.

A road lined with trees with a large building in the distance, that’s what we saw. We heard someone in the distance playing a rhythm on a drum. Brian’s ears started bouncing and he wanted to know where it was coming from. It was one of the Archeon “residents” welcoming us to the park. We walked on and arrived in 11,000 BC. The men were still chopping and sawing and next to us a real medieval conversation was going on.

Everywhere we walked in the park we breathed in the time indicated by clear signs. We took a good look at the map and then continued down the path by the hut of the peasant hunter. Suddenly there is rain. We take a shortcut to the Roman era. Taking shelter under an authentic Roman canopy for a moment and as soon as it got dry we continued walking through the park. Brian feasted his eyes and enjoyed all the entertainment there was. Especially the Roman era our guy found very special. Normally in Roman times, a show is put on but it was not present today.

At one point we were in an old street where we heard a strange sound. It was the workroom of a blacksmith. We quickly saw Grandpa behind a fence munching on his food and then we figured we should have food too.

The facilities are also perfect.

You can go to the inn for lunch or dinner, there are some takeaways and drinks are also provided. Therefore, the Archeon is also THE park you must have been to for a thematic and informative day out. Read more in our review category.

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