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A home game, that was this museum review we were allowed to do at the Westlands Museum in Honselersdijk. A beautiful museum that shows you the antiquities of the Westland and how people used to do things here.

We arrive through a beautiful building with a thatched roof. Inside we receive a friendly welcome and, after showing our museum annual cards, we may go inside. We walk through a glass door and enter a room with a real Neanderthal, and a lot of informative drawers with a lot of information. Brian is still quite small and understands very little of this but mom and dad are staring their eyes out.

We arrive at a phone booth and see an area with all the benches. Oh wow, exclaims Dad. A real old auction. I want to try this. He sits down and clicks on the button. That’s pretty hard. Never mind. And he gets up and looks again in the phone booth where old stories can be heard.

There is also an upper floor with a paintings exhibition and for the little children in the museum here is the play attic with a real tomato counter. Dad was already starting to get impatient again and thought to himself that this is a very small museum, but appearances can be deceiving. We walk downstairs and mama says we can immediately take our coats and go outside. Through a different door than we went through when we entered the museum, we went outside.

A large area with a sort of open air museum appeared. An old house from the old Westland in which people used to live came into view. It appears that not much was needed in those days. The room is 3X4 meters in total and most of it consists of the work tools hanging on the walls. We could not imagine now that you have to live in there with a whole family. Once we are outside we see a large machine, we think it’s a plow. We think it’s a ploughing machine, which used to enable the market gardeners to plough and turn the fields. We walk further along a long path and see a beautiful train track with a working cart. For a moment dad pushes the cart in the front, it still works completely.

Further on we see a water tower, greenhouses with delicious Westland grapes and even a real chicken coop. We close the vlog and then slowly go on with our daily activities. We greet the lady behind the counter, get some more goodies and leave for home. The Westlands Museum is a very nice museum.

Thank you!

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