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Do you have nothing to do for a while and are your kids ready for some activity? Then why not do some crafts with the kids. We have already made many crafts and will show them to you in the video below.

We have made toilet paper rolls for the poor birds every winter, nice photo frames for the grandparents and many other crafts. Crafts are good for the perception and motor skills of the children. They can put their passion into it and improve skills.

We, of course, love crafting and a new series of “Crafting with the Romijn Family” will start soon on our Youtube channel. Below you can read what you definitely need to have at home in order to be able to do crafts with the children without worries:

  • Prit pen
  • Crepe paper
  • Children’s glue
  • WC Rolls
  • Large cardboard

Check out the videos we made after our crafting moments at home below.

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