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Pirate Brian and Pirate Captain Grandpa

Brian is wearing a pirate suit. In his hand he has a large plastic sword.
‘Grandpa, I’m going to conquer your ship.’ Grandpa looks up from behind his newspaper. He sees a big sword coming towards him. Grandpa laughs and suddenly says in a heavy voice, ‘I am Captain One-Eye and no one is going to touch my ship.’ Brian jumps on top of Grandpa. But Grandpa grabs Brian and holds him tight.
‘Grandpa, you can’t do that. I’m a pirate,’ Brian screams. Grandpa lets go of Brian again.
‘Grandpa, shall we play together?’
‘I think that would be fun. Then I’ll be the pirate captain and you’ll be a tough pirate. We just need a ship’. Grandpa puts two chairs in a row.
‘So, that’s our ship,’ says Grandpa. Brian climbs onto the front seat and stands up. Grandpa sits down behind him.
‘Ahoy! Is there land in sight already pirate Brian,’ calls Grandpa.
‘Yaa, we need to find some treasure Grandpa’.

‘Row, row, we have to row as hard as we can,’ says Grandpa and waves his arms. Brian imitates Grandpa and together they row to an island. On that island, Grandpa and Brian must search for the treasure.
‘Off board pirate Brian,’ Grandpa shouts. Brian jumps up from the chair. Grandpa has gotten up too. Together they walk to the garden. Grandpa points to a tree. Could the treasure be hidden behind it? Brian runs to it. He looks very carefully. But he finds nothing.
‘I know Grandpa. It’s in the sandbox’.
‘Go on pirate. You have to start digging. We can’t go back home without treasure. Then we won’t be good pirates,’ says Grandpa. Brian digs and digs. But unfortunately no treasure.

‘Grandpa, we must have a treasure map’.
‘Yes, I’m a pirate captain of nothing. You’re absolutely right. I’ll just go back to my ship. There I have the treasure map lying in my cabin,’ says Grandpa. Pirate Brian sits down in the grass until Grandpa returns. Pirates get tired too.
After a while, Grandpa comes back. In his hand he has the treasure map. He puts it on the garden table. Pirate Brian and the pirate captain look intently at the treasure map.

‘Look,’ Grandpa points out. ‘There by that cross is the treasure’.
‘Hey pirates in my garden,’ they suddenly hear. Grandma has walked into the garden. She has a little bucket in her hand.
I have to get rid of some weeds by the wall,’ she says and walks to the back of the garden.
‘Look, just a little more closely at the treasure map Brian,’ says Grandpa. Brian is already not paying attention to Grandma. Finding a treasure is now more important than what Grandma is going to do.
‘We have to walk to the other side of the island,’ Grandpa says. Just as Grandpa is folding up the treasure map again, Grandma comes along.
‘Don’t mind me. I’ll go back inside soon,’ says Grandma.

‘You’re not allowed on our island,’ shouts pirate Brian. Grandma shakes her head.
Pirate Brian and pirate captain Grandpa cross the island. It’s a tough trip.
‘That must be where the treasure is,’ Grandpa points to a large green hedge. Brian runs to it and looks under the hedge. He sees a plastic bag lying there. He picks it up.

‘Grandpa, Grandpa, I found the treasure,’ shouts pirate Brian loudly. He hops over to Grandpa with the bag.
‘Look what’s inside,’ says Grandpa. Brian looks in the bag and takes out a bag of chips and an apple.
‘Well, it’s not gold coins though. But it’s very tasty,’ says Grandpa.
‘That treasure is from Grandma. She hid it there,’ says Brian.
‘Yes, that grandmother of yours is a very big treasure. And now give me some chips too’. So the two pirates rowed home again satisfied.

Piratenkapitein opa
Piratenvogel van Brian en opa

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