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Are you at a loss as to how to raise your child? We have made a top 10 of tips that will help you as a parent with the positive upbringing of your child(ren). With these tips you can get to work right away.

Tip 1: Give sincere attention

If your child wants to show you something, stop what you are doing for a moment. And give attention to your child. Show clearly and notice that you are listening. This is how you give focused attention to your child.

Tip 2: Give a hug or stroke

Give your child a hug or a stroke over his/her head regularly. Most children like to be touched and cuddled. This strengthens your bond and contributes to positive parenting.

Tip 3: Talk to your child

Talk to your child about things that your child finds interesting. Also talk about what you yourself experienced that day.

Tip 4: Be positive

Praise your child regularly, give a compliment and be positive. Say exactly what you think is good. For example: ‛fine that you listen to me right away’. Your child will then behave like this more often.

Tip 5: Prevent boredom

Provide activities at home that your child likes to do, so that your child will not get bored easily. Think of: clay, coloring pages, blocks, board games, computer games, soccer games, outdoor toys, and so on. Choose what is appropriate for the age.

Tip 6: Provide firsts

Teach your child new things by doing it yourself first. For example, interacting in a nice way (“just say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’). Then encourage your child to try it for herself. Be positive and give a compliment if it works.

Tip 7: Set ground rules

Set clear ground rules so your child knows how to behave. Sit down and discuss with your child what the house rules could be. As your child gets older, he/she will be able to participate more and more. You can even write these rules down and hang them up in the kitchen, for example. This way you can always refer to them. Also tell what the consequences are if your child does not follow the rules.

Tip 8: Tell how to behave

If your child is behaving badly, stay calm and clearly tell your child to stop. Then tell them how they should behave: ‘stop fighting; start playing nice together’. So approach something positively. Give a compliment if your child listens. Tell your child what the consequences are if he/she does not keep to the rules. If your child does not listen, you must intervene.

Tip 9: Stay realistic

Stay realistic. You should expect reasonable behavior from a child, but don’t expect your child to be perfect.

Tip 10: Do something together

Take care of yourself! This is also part of positive parenting. If you feel good, it is easier to follow your child’s lead. And to make time to do something together.

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