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It’s vacation time again. This time we are going on a very long vacation. We are going on vacation for 16 days to RCN de Noordster in Dwingeloo and daddy is taking his scooter. Grandpa is so cool to drive along with vacation stuff because our 2016 Opel Zafira Tourer was already crammed.

Mom and Dad loaded up the car and then the trip could begin. At Brian’s school we had a quick chat with teacher Kim to end the school year and then we were really on our way.

We drove and drove until we suddenly came to a stop in a traffic jam. A long line of cars followed until we could finally drive through again. Daddy had some trouble with his legs and Berber had to pee so we stopped for a movement and pee break at a gas station along the road to Drenthe. Once we moved and peed we drove on. The last kilometers had to be made because grandpa had already arrived at our vacation paradise. The last kilometers were made and we drove from the highway, along a river so right to a bridge. A long winding road followed with many trees on both sides. We got a bit of a feeling of driving in the “wassenaar”.

When we arrived at the campsite, we unloaded all our stuff from the car, put up the tent and then dad started to ride scooter.

The days on the camping site we explored the surroundings. Dwingeloo is the place to be if you like dolmen or if you like the history of the Netherlands. There is a lot of history in this area that you can soak up. And also in the culinary field there is much to experience in and around Dwingeloo. There are many restaurants and fantastic local food sources for your food. We have made frequent use of this.

The days were fun one by one and what really stood out was the Hunebeddencentrum and the village of Orvelte. The Acras space telescope in Dwingeloo was also enormously beautiful to see.

RCN de Noordster campsite is great to do with small children and there is a very varied entertainment programme with Alex and Sammy the tracking dog.

Below is an overview:

Animation on the campsite: 9

Sanitary facilities on the campsite: 9

Food & Drinks in restaurant and snack bar: 7

Accessibility of the site: 7

Surroundings: 10

Playlist on YouTube:

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