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We drive into the parking lot and immediately see a large fence with a large playground of an adjacent school behind it. The car goes into reverse and expertly I park the bolide and put it in neutral. I turn the key and put my mouth mask tightly in front of my mouth and my glasses as a kind of bridge over the mouth mask. That way my glasses won’t fog up like that.

Albert Heijn HonselersdijkAlbert Heijn HonselersdijkI walk with the supermarket coin to the trolleys and see a busy but well-traveled and clean parking lot around me. Cars park their four-wheeled vehicles lecherously between the strolling pedestrians to do their shopping. Near the carts is a cleaning spray and a roll of paper. To clean the cart before you pick it up we call it. I put my coin in the cart and grab a cart. Once inside, it looks warm and cozy. I can immediately go through the two gates that open after which the potatoes stand there gawking at me. I see a nice big vegetable department that looks cozy yet functional. It is kept very clean here and I could not find any dirt during our visit.

Continuing on, I come to the charcuterie, meat and bread department and here I also find some fresh juices. I walk through the store and notice that it looks very clean here. There is plenty of selection in the store and there is even room for exposure of products. There are plenty of displays with offers throughout the store but this does not actually look cluttered.

Albert Heijn HonselersdijkThere is room for the children to dive into the games of the supermarket and the parents can have a cup of coffee (currently not in Corona time, unfortunately) to chat about the activities.

At the checkouts, you have the choice of a pink checkout, a cash checkout or a self-scan checkout where you can only pay with pin or gift cards. The store staff is friendly and neat and keep a good eye on the store itself. At the self-scan checkouts we are always neatly greeted and / or helped and at the checkouts there are often very nice people who know how to make your day a little nicer.

The Albert Heijn is a must for your daily and weekly shopping. We give the figure 8.5 for this store.

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