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Today we were scrolling through some of our photos on our Social Media channels and we came across a fun reminder of what is after all a very cute kids treat for schools. Unfortunately, schools are not allowed to offer treats everywhere now, but it’s always fun to keep in mind or just make it at home.

What do you need for these super fun Automobile Racing Bananas with kiwi or grape?

The number of bananas for the kids in the class / at home
4 times as much kiwi
One container of grapes or one container of strawberries
Satay sticks small normal and with parasol
You take the banana and remove it from its skin. Lay it down on a green board.
Peel the kiwi so there is no skin left around it.
Cut the kiwi into nice equal slices for the wheels.
Put a skewer on the front and back of the banana and put the just cut kiwi wheels on the skewer.
Then take a skewer and put the grape or strawberry on the top of the banana.
Then put the parasol on the grape or strawberry and verstappen can win the race.

This treat does well in preschool and kindergarten classrooms and the fruit always goes up! Have fun making it and don’t forget to share your experience below.

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