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Where last month it was still lovely short sleeved weather, this week we had to put on the thick coats again. It is autumn in the Netherlands and that is clearly visible outside.

Weer lekker fris geknipt bij Kapsalon Priscilla en Cissa's

A lot of rain fell from the sky last week and the wind picked up again. Also, in the morning when we bring the children to school, it is still very dark outside. Fortunately, our car faithfully brings us to the destination where we need to be. On Thursday we found out that the light of our aquarium had broken down. Well, broken, the fish in our aquarium got a real fish disco by a faulty driver of our led lamp. So there went mom and dad on their way to the hardware store while the kids were at school.

When we arrived at the hardware store and Mum had expertly looked up the bulbs we needed, we ran to the pet section. Mom did this very quickly with her crutches and dad followed her. Because mama knew very well that we would buy the lamps here. When we arrived at the lamps, daddy only saw fluorescent tubes, but no cheap LED lamps as mama told us: For € 12,95 you have here round lamps with 2 points for in the aquarium tank. Dad took a good look at mom and scratched his forehead. Lamps with 2 points San? Those are fluorescent tubes. If you want to use them in our aquarium you need a fluorescent fixture and a reflection plate.

Brian en Berber spelen lekker in de tuinWe laughed out loud together about the 2 dots issue and wrote it down with the list of stairs and left/right turn syndrome. All in all, we ordered our lights online anyway. Because it is very necessary that the fish get a dose of light. By Monday at the latest the ordered lamps will arrive and we can enjoy lovely white light in the aquarium.

According to Brian and Berber it is getting colder and they want to play in the garden, crazy kids we have. We have at least installed the lights in the front yard and the winter weather can begin as far as we are concerned.

Have a nice weekend!

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