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To the autumn forest with Storm

‘When are they coming now?” asks Berber to her mother.
‘They’re coming soon. Put on a thick sweater already. It is chilly outside,’ says Berber’s mother.
‘There they are already! Berber runs to the front window. A car stops in front of the door. Storm and his mother get out and wave to Berber. Berber runs to the door and quickly opens it.
‘Hi, I have a box for the forest,’ says Storm,. He proudly shows Berber the cardboard box.
‘You should bring a special box too,’ says Storm’s mother to Berber.
‘Why then?’ asks Berber to the mother of Storm.
‘Then you can put chestnuts in it or nice leaves’. Berber’s mother is now also standing in the hallway. She has put on a warm coat and a thick warm scarf.
It is nice to go for an autumn walk. Nice kicking through the leaves,” says Berber’s mother.
Yes, and looking for mushrooms,’ says Storm’s mother. Berber’s mother goes and gets an empty shoe box. Then they all walk to the forest.

When they are in the forest Storm and Berber see mushrooms everywhere. They all have different shapes.
Look Storm there! A red one with white dots,’ says Berber. They run to it.
‘That’s a gnome’s cottage,’ says Berber.
‘Don’t be silly. That’s not possible at all,’ says Storm.
Well,’ says Berber.
Don’t touch it. You cannot pick mushrooms’, says Berber’s mother.
You have to put something in your cardboard boxes’, says Storm’s mother. Berber and Storm take some colored leaves from the ground. Pine cones, beechnuts, chestnuts and twigs. The boxes become almost too heavy to lift. They give the boxes to their mothers.
‘I want to run,’ says Storm.
‘Me too,’ says Berber. They kick through the leaves. Storm picks up a pile of leaves and throws them into the air.
‘It’s raining leaves,’ says Berber. Storm does it again. The leaves fall on top of their crowns. They laugh out loud. What fun in the forest.

Storm’s mother calls out to Berber and Storm.
‘Boys, come and have a look. Here is a witch’s ring,” she says. Berber and Storm run to her. But they don’t see any witches.
‘Then where are these witches?” asks Storm. Storm’s mother laughs.
‘No ya, I don’t mean real witches. Here the mushrooms are in a big circle. That’s what they call a witch’s circle’. Berber’s mother suddenly joins the circle and does a little dance.
‘I’m a witch’, she says. Storm and Berber also stand in the circle.
‘We are witches too,’ they shout.
‘And I’m the big wizard,’ says Storm’s mother.

They walk through the forest for a while. Storm and Berber are starting to get a little tired.
‘Shall we go home? Then you can make an autumn box,’ says Storm’s mother.
Yes, they all shout at the same time.

‘It’s nice huh in the woods. Next week we go again’, says Berber her mother. Everyone thinks it is a good plan.

Naar het herfstbos met Storm
Naar het herfstbos met Storm
Eikels vinden in het Herfstbos

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