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Washing the car together

Brian and Berber are going to wash their father’s car this afternoon.
“Do you have everything?” their mother asks. In the kitchen is a bucket of suds. On the counter are a chamois and sponge.
‘Yes, but we need two sponges,’ says Brian.
‘Oh, yes. I’ll get one for Berber too,’ says their mother. The bucket of suds is quite heavy. Brian and Berber lift the bucket out together. The water sloshes back and forth. They leave a trail of flakes of foam in the hallway.
‘I’ll just go and get the sponges and the chamois,’ says Brian and runs back into the house. Berber looks at the big car in front of her. That’s a lot of work, Berber thinks. One by one, Brian and Berber put the sponge in the bucket. Brian gently rubs the hood with it. In the middle he can’t quite reach it and stands on a stool. So that goes much better.
Berber does the back of the car. Then she does the windows. Soon the car is completely covered in soapy water.

‘I forgot the wheels,’ says Brian.
‘I’ll help you,’ says Berber. Their father comes out.
‘Are you guys all right?’ he asks.
‘We’re almost done,’ says Brian. Their father walks around the car.
‘You guys haven’t done the wing mirrors yet’.
‘Where then?” asks Berber.
‘Ha, ha, she doesn’t know where the wing mirrors are,’ Brian chuckles.
‘You’re stupid,’ says Berber and throws a sponge at Brian.
‘I’m going to rub you with soap,’ Brian shouts and walks over to Berber.
‘You can’t do that anyway,’ Berber says and runs inside. their mother is just coming down the hallway. Berber hides behind her.

‘Mamma, get out of the way. I’m going to clean Berber,’ says Brian.
‘Berber is not a car,’ their mother says and grabs the sponge from Brian’s hand.
‘You’re not done yet. The car is still completely covered in suds,’ their father shouts. Berber pushes Brian outside.
‘You know what. I’m going to get the garden hose. Then you guys can take turns hosing it clean,’ says their dad.
‘Yay! That’s fun,’ Brian and Berber shout at the same time. their father goes to get the garden hose from the shed. A moment later he opens the kitchen window. A rubber hose with a red sprayer comes out.
‘You have to grab the garden hose and pull it towards you,’ he tells Brian.
That doesn’t want to work well at first. Brian pulls and pulls. Berber comes over to help, too. And then suddenly the hose slides forward. Brian and Berber fall on top of each other. In the meantime, their father has gone to open the faucet. Water squirts out of the hose.

‘Is there water coming out of the hose?” shouts their father.
‘Yaa! But we fell,’ shouts Brian.
‘Waaat!” says their father and sticks his head outside the living room window. Brian got to his feet. He picked up the snake. But, oops! their dad gets the full blast. He gets sprayed all wet. The water drips down his face and into his neck.
“Put the snake on the ground!” their father shouts. Brian quickly puts it down again.
‘I didn’t do it on purpose. It was an accident,’ Brian stammers.
Their mother has entered the kitchen. She bursts into laughter. She grabs a towel and hands it to their father.
‘Yes, yes, laugh,’ he grumbles.
Fortunately, their father is not angry and comes out. He picks up the hose and sprays the car completely clean.

‘So, now you can dry clean it,’ he says. Brian and Berber want that after this adventure. After a while the car shines on all sides.
Come on in. I have lemonade and cookies,” says their mother.
‘Yay!” shout Brian and Berber.
‘I’m proud of you,’ says their father.
‘And we of you,’ says Brian and gives Berber a wink.

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