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For mom and dad, the countdown was on. The last weeks of the vacations at home were hectic, busy and tense. The children, especially Berber were looking forward to the moment she could go to the big school for the first time. Brian to the moment that he may go to his new class the Squirrels.

And today that day finally arrived. With the backpacks on our backs at 07:45 we really have to wait 20 minutes before we can get into our 2016 Opel Zafira Tourer to take Berber to her first day at school. Then just a cup of coffee for mom and dad and some movies from our YouTube channel on the television.

It seems like the white hand on our clock is ticking slower and slower but finally the time has come. Mom and Dad’s shoes go on and hop, we jump in the car. Once on the road Berber can’t wait and sings a nice song. We drive through the village, towards Berber’s school.

There it is. Berber and mom get out and dad decides to drive to Brian’s school. Brian and dad have a long conversation about the Squirrels at his school the Diamant in Naaldwijk. He is very excited to learn, to do gymnastics and to do all kinds of fun things in his new class. And that’s what he is going to do. Tomorrow Brian can go gyming with his class. Great!

Brian and Berber are happy to go to school and are going to learn and have fun.

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